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International Center For Language Studies

International Center For Language Studies

International Center For Language Studies  ICLS ʶҺѹҷç㨡ҧͧWashington DC Թ§ǧ֡ö֧ White House  ͵ͻ 1966 Դѡٵ English as a Second Language (ESL) Foreign Language Training  ʶҺѹդسҾ٧ѺѺҧҧҧ ʶҺѹҡç¹͹ 觡¹͹ͧդⴴ ѧ Washington International Internship Network  ¢ͧ ICLS ѡٵý֡ͺöѡ¹ʺ·ͧ 㹷ءѡзӤѭ 駡 ٴ ÿѧ ҹ  ¹  ѡٵ͡ẺѺѡ¹վ鹰ҹᵡҧѹ ֧ҾǴͧʶҺѹСѺ¹ дǡʺ

ѡٵ÷ʹ㨢ͧ ICLS

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

ʶҺѹ ICLS Ѵѡٵ English as a Second Language (ESL) Ѻʹ㨷оѲҷѡѧɷӤѭ ѡٵӹ֧֧ûѺ ѧ Ѳ ҾǴ ͺ¹ͧ͡¹ 觼ʶҺѹռӹҭ лʺóЪ¹ҧջԷҾ ʶҹ¹դдǡʺ ʶҹ駹鹵㨡ҧͧ Washington DC 駵ҧ״


  • Intensive English Program (IEP)

ʶҺѹѴѡٵ Intensive English Program 鹷ѡ Speaking Listening Reading Writing Ѻѡ¹㹡¹дѺԷ Է 觷ѡҹ դӤѭҧҡ㹡¹ ÷ӧҹ Academic Level 繪¹Ҵ硨֧¹ջԷҾ觢

  • Business English Classes

ѡٵ Business English ͡Ẻ鹷ѡ Speaking Listening  ѡ¹¡Ѻʶҳó÷ӧҹͧáԨ Ǣ͵ҧǡѺáԨѡ¹¹н֡ ӹѡҹ ûЪ ùʹ ɳ ÷ӧҹ繷 ·ѡٵùѡ¹դ繷ͧдѺ High Intermediate to Advance English Fluency

Ǣ͵ҧ¹ѡٵ Business English Classes

  • Week 1:     Getting Acquainted: Introductions and Conversations in Social and Business  Setting/Networking
  • Week 2:     American Social Practices:  Inviting, Accepting or Declining Invitations and the Business Lunch
  • Week 3:     Using the Telephone (practicing telephone etiquette and communication strategies)
  • Week 4:     Discussing Issues and Participating in Meetings
  • Week 5:     Describing Your Work / Interviewing for Internship or Employment
  • Week 6:     Presentations: Preparation and Delivery of your Program or Project
  • Week 7:     Negotiations/Closing Deals
  • Week 8:     Making Meetings Effective (running a business meeting)


  • Evening TOEFL TEST Preparation Course

ѡٵͺ TOEFL Ъѡ¹դʧͺ TOEFL դṹ繷Ҿ ¡¹ 7 ѻ ҨդسҾ ·鹡÷Ӣͺ ෤Ԥҧ㹡ͺ ֡ͺ TOEFL èͧӢͺ TOEFL ͺԧѡ¹դ ö㹡ͺ ·ѡٵè鹷 4 ѡзӤѭ ÿѧ þٴ ҹ ¹  ˹ѡ Grammar Vocabluary

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Tel:02-245-5845 Hotline:061656-4159, 087-642-5465, 080-941-5664

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