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Website Developer-Website Designer, MA

(10066) Information Systems – Needham, MA


Start Date(s): as soon as possible

Hours: 40 hours per week

Location: Needham, Massachusetts, USA

Training  Duration: 12-18 months

Compensation: depends on experience (housing provided)

Number of Position Offered: 3      a) Website Developer – 2 positions b) Website Designer  – 1 position 


Host Company Description:

This  is  a  multilayer  digital marketing  firm  that  combines  creative output with no-nonsense success metrics. The company provides full service marketing solutions, not just pretty pictures. They frequently sponsor J-1 visa internships and usually have several at a time.


General Applicant Qualifications:

•      To apply for this internship program, you must be a undergraduate/graduate student (maximum duration – 12 months)

•      To apply for this trainee program, you must hold a degree and have at least 1 year of work experience in a related field, OR be a career professional of 5 or more years of experience (maximum duration – 18 months)

•      Excellent English communication required

a)   Website Developer


The Web Development Intern will be required to implement development requests. They must be able to program well, especially for the web. This will require knowledge of internet-based computer languages. They will be building (according to their ability) everything from websites to databases to software to

iPhone apps.


Skills  Needed:

- 1+ experience in overall web development

- Experience with PHP; OOP & basic knowledge of design patterns

- MySQL, x(HTML), JavaScript/AJAX

- CSS & HTML-markup

- Experience with PHP frameworks or popular CMS


Desired Concentrations:

- Computer Engineering

- Computer Science

- Software Engineers



b)   Website Designer


The Web Design Intern will be required to implement design ideas into practical solutions for our clients. The candidate will be shown firsthand the integral role of technology-inspired design in today\'s marketing atmosphere. They will be given varying design projects which will range from iPhone game design and

website creation, to collateral design and special projects. Experience with Adobe Illustrator and / or

Adobe Photoshop or something equivalent is mandatory for this position as you will be making finalized pieces for submission to clients.


Skills  Needed:

- Adobe Photoshop (Moderate to Expert)

- Adobe Illustrator (Moderate to Expert)

- Adobe in Design (Any Level)

- Flash

- Markup (HTML)


Desired Concentrations:

- Computer Engineering

- Computer Science

- Software Engineers

- Web / Graphic Design

Tags : Website Developer-Website Designer




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